Outdoor Weddings

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Outdoor Wedding Reception Poolside at the Parlagreco Home

Chef Giovanni at work in the Parlagreco kitchen

Chef Giovanni prepared the entrée fresh and hot, right there in Julia Parlagreco’s kitchen.

Julia Parlagreco said…

“We had the best party due in large part to Giovanni, Kaye, and Dawn. The food was outstanding, (everyone was raving about it) and the service was great. And when it was over, my kitchen was even cleaner than before the party. I am so thankful to have found Fantastico Italian Gourmet! Magnifico!”

Fantastico Italian Gourmet at the Outdoor Wedding for Melanie and Manoj

A Beautiful Setting for an Outdoor Wedding

Chef Giovanni Provided the Fantastico Food

The Happy Couple Celebrated with Friends and Family

Melanie and Manoj honored Chef Giovanni by selecting Fantastico Italian Gourmet to cater their outdoor wedding.

It was a beautiful and informal event, and the weather was perfect. The rented tents provided plenty of space for the guests.

Chef Giovanni brought mixed-green salad with trimmings, topped off with Fantastico’s own Italian dressing.

The chicken parmigiana was a hit with all the guests. Everyone enjoyed themselves so much that the festivities went well into the night.

Melanie and Manoj were so pleased with Fantastico Italian Gourmet’s service that they sent a wonderful message for our “Rave Reviews” page.

Thanks, Mealanie and Manoj, for a fantastic afternoon and evening, and especially for all the amazing compliments!