Harvest Time Begins: Family Garden, Part 2

Here comes the best part – harvest time!

Look what happened while we were away.

Zucchini from our garden harvestI promised to keep you updated on how things are going in our garden.

Well, here is the first update: The harvest has begun!

We were away for a week or so on a recent trip to St. Augustine. (I’ll post some great pictures from our trip soon.) When we came back, some of our veggies were ready!




More zucchini from our family garden harvest

We picked lots of zucchini. One was almost as big around as a small watermelon!

Lots of grape tomatoes were ready, plus a few regular tomatoes.

We discovered that three of the pepper varieties that we had planted were ready and waiting.




grape tomatoes and peppers from our harvest

Some of our banana peppers were nice and yellow and ready to eat. Very tasty!

We picked a few of our jalapeños. A lot more that weren’t ready to use yet we left on the vine.

One of our finger peppers had already ripened into a cayenne. We picked it, and also some that were still green.





zucchini, tomatoes, and peppers from our first harvest

A pretty good start, I would say, considering it’s still only July. We can’t wait for more! Growing and eating our own sure beats store-bought by a long shot!





Hey, how are things in your garden? Leave a comment below to let us know how your harvest is going.


FigsAugust 15 Update:

In my first blog about our garden I mentioned that we have fruit trees, including figs. They’re starting to come in already! A few days ago, we picked a couple dozen.

I cut one open and was about to eat it when my wife, Kaye, stopped me. “Wait a minute,” she said. “Lets get a photo first, so we can show everyone the beautiful, juicy pulp.”

So I put it back, of course. She snapped the picture. Then I ate the first Adriatic fig of the season. Yummy!


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