Meredith Munyon’s Baby Shower

My Visit with Paul Munyon

Helping a first-time grandpa-to-be with his daughter-in-law’s baby shower

The kitchen at Lafayette Presbyterian Church, Tallahassee, Florida

This is me, preparing the treats for Meredith Munyon’s baby shower in the Lafayette Presbyterian Church kitchen in Tallahassee, Florida.

Paul Munyon is like a brother to me that I never had. I have known him and kept up with him since junior high, about 1970. For me, catering the event in Tallahassee last August was much more than a shower for Meredith Munyon, Paul’s daughter-in-law and the wife of Paul’s son Patrick. It was also a tribute to Paul’s friendship and a celebration of the coming birth of his first grandchild.

What a great occasion it was, to see family members, old friends and neighbors, and celebrate nothing but happiness! Colonel Paul Munyon served two six-month tour in Afghanistan with the U.S. Air Force before he retired. We just call him “Grampa” now. He was very proud to see his son and his daughter-in-law happy and ready for the new addition to the family.

Paul Munyon

This is my buddy Paul, looking over my shoulder while I work

We had beautiful weather. About 55 people came. We served meatballs, lasagna, rice with veggies with a touch of oriental style, small sandwiches with different meats and cheeses, mixed green salads and trimmings, bread rolls, roasted peppers for bruschetta.  Some pasta, gluten free for Meredith.

I enjoyed meeting Meredith’s friends and family. I would like to personally thank all of the folks, including Norman Munyon, Paul’s big brother, for coming by the kitchen and saying “great food, some of the best I have ever had!” That makes any Chef feel great!

Patrick and Meredith Munyon before the baby shower

Patrick and Meredith Munyon before the baby shower

Thanks also to Lafayette Presbyterian Church for allowing me the pleasure of working in their big beautiful kitchen! I felt right at home. They had all the equipment I needed.

I ran into Patrick, Meredith, and the baby at the annual Springtime Tallahasse Festival in April. The proud parents and the baby are all doing fine. He’s happy as a lark! Maybe we will see you when we cater your high school graduation. They grow up so fast…

I hope you enjoy this slide show of scenes from the shower.

More info on the event at The Munyon Baby Shower.

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