A Light Lunch at CSI Laboratories

Lab Week Luncheon at CSI in Alpharetta

CSI_logoMade a nice light lunch for 150 at Cytometry Specialists, Inc., in Alpharetta, GA, to help celebrate CSI’s Lab Week. We served soups, salad and fresh bread. It was totally a hit. Everyone appreciated a more healthy alternative to sandwiches and sweets.

Fantastico Italian Gourmet, serving north-metro Atlanta, catered a luncheon for CSI

CSI Founder and Owner Ron Ghafary

I’ve catered several smaller executive luncheons for CSI Laboratories, and my favorite pastry chef has created special desserts for several CSI doctors on an individual basis. Company founder and owner Ron Ghafary tells me that he has encouraged CSI executives to use me more, so I guess he likes Fantastico’s quality and service well enough to give me more business in the future. Many thanks to Mr. Ghafary for the vote of confidence! I truly appreciate it.

Working with CSI has been a pleasure. For the second year in a row, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has listed CSI as one of the best places to work in metropolitan Atlanta. I hope we can be back soon.

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